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Range of Tensiles

Range of Tensiles / Members

A wide range of protective rubber covers, are manufactured in widths up to 2500 mm in a most modern automated plant, using the finest raw material inputs. Widths up to 3200mm can also be manufactured, on request.

A. Nylon / Nylon (NN) Carcass
     Lower longitudinal elongation
    Higher tensile strength
    Good flexibility and trough-ability
    Resistance to mildew, moisture and rotting
    Excellent impact resistance
B. Polyester / Nylon (EP) Carcass

Besides having the advantages as listed for NN carcass belts,
EP belts have the additional advantage of lower longitudinal elongation.

C. Cotton / Cotton (CC) Carcass
    Suitable for most applications
    Good bonding for rubber
    Good fastener holding properties
D. Steel Cord (ST) Carcass
    Good trough-ability
    Has tensile strength, well above the other available tensile members
    Very low elongation
    Good trough-ability & Low elongation
    Tensile strengths, equivalent to Steel Cord, yet, very light in weight.