About Us - Continental Belting PVT LTD.
Continental Belting is a leading conveyor belt manufacturer based in Mumbai, India, with a strong focus on delivering high-value products at an attractive price-to-performance ratio. Their exceptional products and services have earned them a reputation as one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in India. Continental Belting provides a wide range of conveyor belts that cater to various industries, including mining, food processing, packaging, and manufacturing. The company's products are highly durable, reliable, and designed to meet the most demanding requirements of their clients. What sets Continental Belting apart is their commitment to providing the best service to their customers. The company has a team of highly experienced professionals who work tirelessly to understand their clients' needs and deliver tailor-made solutions that exceed their expectations. With an unwavering focus on quality, Continental Belting uses only the best materials and modern manufacturing processes to ensure the toughness and longevity of its products. Their products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee their quality and durability, making them a favorite among some of India's largest companies. Continental Belting has served many prominent companies in India, including Tata Steel, JSW Steel, Ambuja Cement, ACC Cement, and many others. These companies rely on the quality and durability of Continental Belting's conveyor belts to ensure their operations run smoothly, efficiently, and without interruption. Continental Belting's customer service is exceptional. The company's customer service team is always available to address their clients' concerns and provide timely solutions to meet their needs. They understand the importance of providing prompt service to their clients and work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Continental Belting is committed to innovation and research and development. The company has a team of engineers and technicians who are continually working to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of their customers. This commitment to innovation has allowed Continental Belting to stay ahead of the curve in the conveyor belt manufacturing industry. In conclusion, Continental Belting is a premier conveyor belt manufacturer that provides high-quality products and excellent services to its customers. The company's exceptional products and services have earned them the trust of some of India's largest companies. With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and customer service, Continental Belting is poised to continue to grow and excel in the years to come.


The stability and continuity of CBPL, Since 1964, gives our customers, the confidence, that, their interests are being taken care of, and their plants would never suffer a shut-down for want of a quality conveyor belt. Our customers are always confident of our ability to provide innovative solutions, to their shoe pinching problems. - A Problem Solver


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Deepak Chandra

Managing Director
He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and has wide and varied experience in the manufacturing and marketing of conveyor belt. Prior to his current assignment, he has been part of the top management team of companies like Nirlon Ltd, and Dunlop. Deepak continues to represent India on the ISO Panels, relating to Conveyor Belting. He is now a Mentor of the ever growing team of professionals.
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Rohit Arora

Director(Marketing and Sales)
He holds a Masters Degree in Business Management, and is spearheading the operations of the Organisation, since 1997. Prior to his current assignment, he has been associated in the top marketing teams of companies like Blow Plast & Allanasons Ltd. Rohit has also studied about Long Haul conveyors, and has been associated with University of Hannover. He has a strong Techno-Commercial background, and has the responsibility of providing direction and guidance to the various departmental teams.
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The Team

They are our most prized asset and represent the core of what makes CBPL, so unique. Our professional staff has a broad range of backgrounds, formal education and streetwise experience that helps us bring a distinctive approach to the tasks of establishing an appropriate positioning strategy for CBPL. We strongly believe in fostering, entrepreneurship, and every departmental head and every interpreneur is an entrepreneur in themselves. All team members regularly sharpen their skills, thanks to various ongoing training programmes, which have helped bring about synergy in the team activities.
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Technology and Infrastructure

We at CBPL, are passionate about technology, not just because, it improves our profitability, or helps us do things more efficiently, but because, we like to do things differently. We pay serious attention to sharing of knowledge and resources, and every employee has complete information, at their disposal, thanks to our top of the line ERP Systems,on high reliability servers offering 99.99999% uptime. We are now in a transition to ERP on the Cloud. Our workshops can boast of the best equipment available worldwide, may it be, the state of the art handling systems, vulcanizing presses, calenders, mixing mills etc. All the activities at our various Units are carefully monitored by our CMS (Central Monitoring Station) at our Head Office.